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Bridal Gown Information

You have thought about this day for your entire life, and itís finally about to happen. Finding the perfect wedding gown can be both challenging and pleasurable. Wedding gowns come in many styles, fabrics and price ranges. Gowns vary from simple, informal types to elaborate puffy productions with intricate beading and long trains. Below are a few thoughts to keep in mind while searching for your perfect gown.


Searching out the ideal wedding gown can be a demanding task, because there is so much to choose from. Itís best to have some idea what you are looking for before you begin to shop. Wedding magazines are a good source of ideas


Wedding gowns are very personal and should be chosen based on your individual style preference, the type of wedding you plan to have, the place you are being married and your budget. Almost anything is acceptable - - - so remember, this is YOUR day. Do it YOUR way.

Where To Look?

There are many sources available for bridal gowns: bridal salons, discount warehouses and outlets, resale or consignment shops, and custom designers. Call these merchants in your area and find out what they have to offer. Many of the boutique bridal shops require an appointment or have limited hours. Many, but not all, bridal stores have knowledgeable sales people, who can assist in selecting the right gown for you. If your choice is a new gown, allow at least four months for fittings, manufacture and delivery. Allow extra time to guard against the possibility of something going wrong - - - for example, delay in delivery of the gown, delivery of the wrong gown, or delivery of a damaged gown, which will require repair.

Reputable Source

It is not difficult to imagine the chaos that can result if, on the appointed day for delivery of your gown, you discover that the person or firm with whom you are dealing is no longer in business. The best protection is afforded by dealing with a firm which has long been established in the community, a store with national affiliation, or a shop which has qualified as an "authorized dealer" or representative for a nationally recognized product line. The reliability of the merchant with whom you are dealing is particularly important in the field of specially manufactured wedding gowns, because a non refundable deposit is almost always required at the time the gown is ordered. A quality firm will also be able to assist you if problems are encountered in the manufacture or delivery process.

Ask Questions

Do not allow yourself to be intimidated by the salesperson who is assisting you. Feel free to ask questions about anything you are unsure of. Be sure to satisfy yourself that there are no additional or hidden costs, such as for steaming or final alterations.

Put It In Writing

Insist that all of the essential terms of your agreement with the salesperson be in writing. Do not proceed on the basis of an oral agreement or understanding. Unfortunately, should you and the salesperson later disagree on the terms of your agreement, the salesperson will have a distinct advantage in the negotiation process, since he or she holds your gown and, in all likelihood, you will not have sufficient time to make alternative arrangements, such as purchasing a gown from another shop.

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